“Strategy as Stretch” (Future-Back) – A Plan for Growth

• The biggest question of our time is not “can it be built”, but “should it be built”.
o Good Strategy is based on actionable insight.
o Fundamentally a good strategy articulates an important and unsatisfied “job to be done” that someone struggling to make progress.
• We believe that strategy should reflect a compelling ambition to change the future in some fundamental way.
o This does not mean that strategy should be in any way abstract or “wishful thinking”.
o The discovery of unique insights, using discovery lenses (Jobs-to-be-Done, Discontinuities, Orthodoxies, Economic Engine etc.) creates a robust foundation for strategic stretch.
• The “future back” approach connects this strategic stretch through specific migration paths, which in turn point to opportunity identification.
o The conversion of this migration path into the strategic stretch is be accomplished through discovery driven planning implemented in agile sprints.