Falhar é ruim!

Há algum tempo atrás virou moda dizer que falhar era bom, principalmente entre as startups. Quando na verdade o que de fato era bom era a experiência. O sucesso e o fracasso ensinam, porém ninguém quer falhar. Acredito que essa frase levou e leva a uma ideia errada.  A falha é boa quando fizemos tudo certo e mesmo assim não atingimos o resultado esperado. A ideia é aprender rápido e ajustar. Este trecho do livro Dual Transformation expressa de maneira muito clara essa ideia.

“A strange idea that has blossomed over the past few years is that failure is generally good. Not so failure is bad. Who wants to have something not work out? Many types of failure are bad and should be avoided. Imagine a heart surgeon talking proudly about a patient he killed because he made a mistake during an operation. That’s not good. When something doesn’t work because you were stupid, sloppy, or hadn’t invested enough time to develop a learnable skill, that’s bad.

When people say that failure breeds innovation, they are talking about a very specific thing in a very specific circumstance. When you are in exploration mode, by definition you don’t know what the answer is ahead of time. So you figure out the best hypothesis you can and then find a way to test it. When it doesn’t work, you figure out why it didn’t work and go back to the drawing board. When this process is executed in the right way, it is indeed not a failure; it is a step on the way to success.”

“Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert, Mark W. Johnson – Dual Transformation_ How to Reposition Today’s Business While Creating the Future (2017, Harvard Business Review Press)”

Autor: Vitor Fernandes Marinho